Dear Sir / Madam,

I am very pleased to announce an advertising opportunity for you to promote your school & company and its programs on the official website and Agent Seminar Program of Korea Overseas Study Association (KOSA).

About KOSA

The Korea Overseas Study Association (KOSA) has formed on 3 Mar. 1987 representing educational agencies in South Korea. The KOSA is the sole legitimate association that represents educational agencies in Korea, having a membership of more than 100 qualified agencies and the representative organization of FELCA in Korea.

KOSA enacts and observes the Code of Overseas Ethics and provides accurate information of overseas education to students who are interested in studying abroad through closer cooperation with diplomatic posts in Korea. Moreover, KOSA supervises its members to protect students’ right.

KOSA makes efforts for the efficient conduct of public utilities such as providing overseas education information and performing the international education exchange.

If you wish to find out more about KOSA, please visit our website;


The advantage of Advertising on KOSA

KOSA provides the comprehensive information of studying abroad for both students and agents through its website, and our Seminar. Thereupon, many students and agents rely on our website and Seminar as their first source of information of international education. Our website and Seminar are the only advertising medium that schools can reach both students and agents.


Advertising on KOSA is the key to increasing top-of-mind awareness for your school name.

We came up with this promotion to come up with the funds to rebuild KOSA’s website. This will be the best strategic win-win method for KOSA and the schools to inter-work closely. KOSA is evolving, and we will find our reputation back. We will never forget your school that is willing to work with Us. –  Kidong Kim, President of KOSA


The advertisement effect

  1. The advertiser can make the direct promotion to both Korean students and more than 100 KOSA member agents through the KOSA website and seminar. It is the only website and seminar that the advertiser can reach both students and agents.
  2. The advertiser can meet an efficient ad results by direct contact with narrow and specific target who is the users of KOSA website.
  3. Cost-efficiently recruit new students from Korea.
  4. The advertiser can have the benefit from public confidence image of KOSA.
  5. The advertiser can support the nonprofit and public activities of KOSA as sponsor of KOSA.
  6. Through KOSA’s school & company membership, we can promote advertisements on KOSA’s website, host seminars, and certify KOSA schools so that KOSA can aggresively market your institutions in the Korean market to our customers basing KOSA’s strong reputation.


If you have any question regarding advertisement, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We look forward to receiving your positive response.


Sincerely Yours,

Kidong Kim

President of Korea Overseas Study Association (KOSA)